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Founded by a group of young people with back ground experience in the fields of construction and construction material trading, A B S realized a management team able to specify the right products for the construction market taking into consideration reliability, quality, of the products and keeping in mind the needs and difficulties of the contractors thus making their job easier.

Focusing on surfaces and surface covering our aim was to find products that are first environmental friendly, easy to handle, durable and most important attractive.

This is where A B S decided to introduce composite stone, an environmental friendly material, stronger than natural stone, with a wide color variety that sometimes even nature can't produce.

A B S established a partnership with two of the leaders in the domain of composite stone, starting with Quarella with its wide variety of marble based and quartz, and LUNA with a wide range of marble based, and TECHNISTONE another big name of quartz manufacturers.

And because of our focus on surfaces A B S had to find a partner in the domain of paints, A B S was able to establish a reliable partnership with TINOL the leader of paint manufacturers in LEBANON with a high capacity of production and earning international certificates of quality.

Finally A B S is constantly looking for new products that match our idea of being both environmental friendly, durable and attractive .our aim is to prove that building does not mean destroying the environment.